Our Mission

World Envision’s Missions of Purpose touches people’s lives through Education, Health & Nutrition, Women Empowerment, Orphanages, Old Age homes, Environment & Agriculture. World Envision was planned in 2009 and has become a Registered charitable trust on 25 Jan 2012. We have identified six acres in Puddukkottai – considered a backward area – to start our operations. Apart from this we have also planned on developments in Trichy , Madurai , Coimbatore , Erode , Theni , Dindukkal , Nammakkal, , Karur and Kanchipuram district.

Our Mission will help children learn how to be self reliant and learn our age old traditional way and lost values which used to keep us healthy and live long. Modern trends like Fast food , Smoking, Alcoholism, Malnutrition have bought us blood pressure , diabetes , Asthma to start with and ending up with major health problems. Most of the children are obese lacking physical exercise. Naturopathy – The power of Raw , Uncooked Food – Is being taught through our Naturopathy Hospital. Helping Women who are widowed or divorced with children suffering to survive are to be given professional guidance to earn a living.

Orphanages and Old age homes are also our priority which will help abandoned children and old elderly who are neglected, providing them with shelter, food and clothing. We have a very strong intention to plant as many trees and possible all around starting from our neighborhood. Helping farmers with agricultural need are also on our agenda and reviving Organic farming.