What is Nature cure ?

Nature cure has its origin in our scriptures and is as old as Nature herself Health is the greatest wealth. Unfortunately we know the value of health only after losing it. Nature Cure helps in teaching how to regain lost health naturally. This enables one to know the means of rising to a higher level of health.

naturecurecenterthesecretofhappiness uses a collection of systems to restore lost health. We use Naturopathy, Acupressure, Varma, sujok and herbal medicine to detoxify the system, Cure diseases and bring health back to all its glory.

We give 100% result oriented treatment for Diabetes, Asthma, Blood Pressure, Piles, Obesity, Ulcer, Kidney stones, Kidney problems, Erectile Dysfunction, Cancer, Skin Problems etc..

The treatment is given for the cause and not the symptoms hence the cure is permanent.

Unhygienic habits which include eating habits along with all other abuses one does to one's body, which leads to waste accumulation. The waste matter that ought to be eliminated through the normal channels eg. the large intestines, the kidneys, the lungs, the skin etc when not disposed off properly leads to diseases. Accumulation of waste and toxins are the root cause of all diseases. Nature Cure teaches ways of clearing these toxins and thus curing your disease.

Our vision

Educate Nature cure system of curing oneself and avoiding further damage to the body and assisting in achieving balance by helping treat many types of existing health problems. To undertake and organize the spread of Alternative therapies.

Contributing to patients

well being

In today's hectic world, everyone strives for a life of well being which is more positive, happy and brings balance in modern living. It is a transformation that involves detaching from the constant focus of external factors to the sublime being of internal awareness.

Nature Cure assists in achieving this balance by helping treat many types of existing health conditions.

This is achieved with the help of varma, Acupressure, Sujok etc works with the nervous system to create a regulatory function in the body, promoting blood circulation and enhancing the immune system.

Nature Cure has a powerful ability to heal imbalances in the body to enable it to function more efficiently. The body after the elimination of toxins and wastes, heals itself and recovers quickly from diseases

Treatment Structure

Features common to all patients.

Basic detoxification

Surya Namaskaram

Basic Breathing

How to make food without cooking 250 and more varieties.

Charts for 16 weeks.

Mud Bath

Steam Bath

Valaiyilai KuliyalForehead Patti,

Kan Patti etc.

Teaching Probiotics and Fermentation of vegetables.

Varma and sujok DIY

Teaching how to keep your body Alkaline PH level.


Teaching about herbs, fruits

vegetables and their uses as medicine.

Life time Consultation will be provided to all through email, Skype, Whatapp etc.

Medicines are included along with the fees.

Fees structure.

Consultation involving all of the above Treatment - Rs 30000

Treatment of for Diabetes, Asthma, Blood Pressure, Piles, Obesity, Ulcer, Kidney stones, Kidney problems, Erectile Dysfunction, Cancer, Skin Problems,liver etc.. For one, two or three problems depending on the patient and the duration of six months to a year. Fees include medicines - Rs 25000 to 45000

Obesity 10 kgs, 20 kgs or more Duration 3 months to a year with medicines - Rs 25000 to 45000

Massage equipments, cooking books extra.

The duration of the treatment is usually six months to a year, the fees are for the whole period.