"When there is not love for a child to remember, Then there is nothing for the child to remember except the hate." ….. Roger Dean Kiser

• World Envision provides Orphans and neglected children with shelter, Food, Clothing and all their necessities otherwise denied to them. Providing them with immunization and nutrition along with proper education in our schools to be built by World Envision. We have identified places in Pudukkottai, Trichy, Madurai , Coimbatore , Erode , Theni , Dindukkal , Nammakkal, , Karur and Kanchipuram district. Nurturing abandoned children is the most important priority; taking care of them now will ensure a healthy future for the nation on the whole. Teaching them the necessities for surviving in this competitive, ever changing modernized world is indeed a challenge where we will make sure they stand a chance on their own.

We will make their Orphanage their home and give everyone a family. Forced child labour practices will be prevented and those children will also be given financial relief ensuring that they have an opportunity to join formal school and all their expenses will be taken care of till they are properly employed. All the issues discussed in the Education column will be made available to all. Start small, Start simple and Start now.